Advertise Customer Success Story Quantcast drove more online pizza orders using unique insights

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Papa John’s is an American pizza restaurant franchise.
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The Challenge

Pizza delivery company Papa John’s wanted to increase orders by promoting their partnership with the movie ‘Birds of Prey’. They wanted to reach a specific audience interested in superhero movies and pizza.

Exceeding campaign viewability goals

Video viewability rate
Better viewability than the goal
“Quantcast helped us in achieving our campaign goal of generating interest among movie goers and pizza lovers for our latest ‘Birds of Prey’ campaign. We would love to work with Quantcast again on our next campaign.” Kanchan Lad – National Marketing Manager, Papa John’s
Papa Johns Quantcast customer success

The Solution

Quantcast’s first party data offered unique insights into the behaviors of the superhero fanbase who were relevant for this campaign.

A custom audience model was built using Quantcast’s proprietary targeting strategy ‘Search Powered Audience’ to reach pizza lovers and superhero movie fans with Video Ads.

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